Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back for Good

Alright, so you’re no longer together and it hurts, maybe more than a little bit. It doesn’t matter so much who did what to who, how you’ve handled yourself up to this point, or even who set the breakup in motion. That is all in the past and if you truly do want to get your ex girlfriend back then you need to read closely and get started on winning her back as soon as humanly possible.

It is true that all situations are different, all people are different and one could even say all kinds of love are different. That sentiment is absolutely true and speaks perfectly to why this method of emotional reframing can be so effective when done according to a well thought out plan. These links will give you the map you need to uncover the buried treasure of love. You see while all of our circumstances are in fact different, we are all much more similar to one another then you probably realize, especially when it comes to dealing with emotional trauma and how we process and cope with emotional hurt.

win your ex girlfriend back


There are basic similarities and patterns in this process that as humans we all share, we all speak with a basic template for emotional intelligence and knowing and understanding this important principle can and will help you frame your course of action on how to get him back and in getting her back in your life.

One major factor to take under consideration is where the relationship stands RIGHT NOW. When was the last time you two spoke? What was the nature and flow of that interaction? Who initiated the initial split? These are all factors that will inform the proper course of action for you and with the proper guidance and help you can be well on your way to winning her back. This figuring out of where the relationship stands might seem like the most important factor in getting her back but it’s not. For instance it is not near as important as how you carry yourself once the proper course has been set in motion.

You’re going to need think long and hard about the proper means of reaching you to her. You’re going to want to eventually set up a face to face meeting but before we reach that point you need to think about you are going to contact her to set up the meeting. Are you going to send a casual text or email? Are you going to try and bump into her out and about for chance meeting? These are all options of course but in almost 9 out of 10 situations we are going to recommend a well-timed phone call. You’ll need to have two plans of action for your reach out call, one for if you have to leave a voicemail and one for if she answers. Either way, you need to be calm and flat. Not unattached like an emotional robot but safely distanced like you’re contacting an old friend or family member. It’s essential that you don’t come across as needy, angry, desperate or hurtful. Much more on that if you follow the link on this page. This is truly essential reading gentlemen.

How you approach this important event will go a long way in determining whether or not you can mend your broken heart and your bid for your ex’s affections will be successful or not. Equally important is how you close the deal. The tested methods provided in these links will walk you through this process carefully and thoroughly, like a warm hand on your shoulder and subtle words of encouragement. These methods will be there for you and will go a long way in helping to ensure you win her back.